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Why Choose dFs?

If you are visiting our website because you are considering Diversified Family Services as a service provider for you or a family member you might wonder, “Why dFs”?

1.  Notice how the “F” is capitalized in our logo?   That’s because FAMILY is our middle name and we always want to put the emphasis on supporting families and individuals in their living situations and daily activities

2.  We have the knowledge and expertise our agency has gained in over 25 years of providing services to individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Several of our management staff & our direct service professionals have been part of dFs for over 20 years.

3.  We offer a full array of services that support individuals including residential services, in-home services, day programming and vocational services. In many situations our clients use two or more of our services because they are pleased with the dFs way of doing things.

4.  We try to be flexible with the services individuals want and need.  We provide group home living for four, three and two individuals.  We also provide residential living for individuals with challenging behaviors who live alone.  We provide supported employment services to small groups of individuals, and also one-on-one.

5.  We are flexible with the hours during which we provide services.   Individuals can attend CHAPS, our adult training facility, on either a full time or part time basis and enjoy the varied activities provided.  Our Habilitation Aid services are available during evenings and weekends as well as during the day.  And our Community Employment service hours are scheduled during the times the individual works, whenever that might be.

6.  Our employees receive the training they need to provide safe and effective services.  Our employees receive First Aide, CPR and Medications Administration Training which are all required by our state licensing.  However, they also receive Nonviolent Crisis Intervention  training which we provide, in addition to licensing requirements, because we think it is important for staff to know how to face challenging behaviors in a caring, safe and effective way.

7.  During office hours there is always a supervisor available if you have a question or concern.  We also provide on-call services when the office is closed to address all emergencies.

8. We provide a variety of free recreational activities at our agency Drop-In Center.

Our employees take pride in the friendly atmosphere we manage to create here at dFs.  If you are interested in our services, call us to schedule a tour.  We’d be delighted to show you around.

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